Water Line Maintenance

We will be performing water line maintenance and flushing through October of 2017.   This may result in loss of water and/or pressure temporarily.  If this loss occurs for more than 2 hours, please contact us at 970-209-4358 or 970-240-8123.

There is also utility ground work on Log Hill which may result in water loss.  IF there is a loss of water for an extended period of time, we will contact you.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we aim to provide the best water possible.


Information about lead in drinking water

Many of the water industry leaders and experts have issued statements about the recent tragedy of lead poisoning in the water of Flint Michigan homes. The official statements and general educational information is listed below.

Please refer to the Consumer Confidence Report tab on this website to see the test results for 2015 of Dallas Creek Water Company.

National Rural Water Association –NRWA Statement on Lead Contamination

American Water Works Association –AWWA CEO David LaFrance- statement

AWWA – Lead information for consumers

Environmental Protection Agency- Basic Information about Lead in Drinking Water

If you have any additional questions, please call our Water Operator, Anthony Ramsey at (970) 626-3889.