Customers on Ash Ct. and upper Pine Dr. including addresses 121, 182, 245 and 351 Pine Dr. will have water service interrupted today starting at approximately  10:30  or 11:00 am. and water will be off for 5 hours. Please prepare for this outage by filling bath tubs to use for toilet flushing and collecting water for drinking and cooking. IF YOU HAVE AN EMERGENCY NEED FOR WATER DURING THIS OUTAGE PLEASE CALL ANTHONY 970-209-4358.

Updates will be sent by email and posted on this site throughout the day as information changes. Thank you for your cooperation with this outage that will allow a new isolation valve to be installed and improve future distribution system control.

Joanne Fairchild, Administrator   970-240-8123



The repair is complete and water is being charged in the lines slowly. Service should be back to normal by 7:00 pm. Check your faucets for water delivery.

Please flush your lines until air pockets are released and water runs clear. Report any persistent problems to Anthony Ramsey at 970-209-4358.


Joanne Fairchild-Administrator



Water is ON for all customers on Juniper N., Juniper Lane, Poplar Lane, Meadow Lane, Meadow Condos, Meadow Ct., Blue Spruce and Silverhorn.

Water is NOT ON yet for BRISTLECONE DR. AND CRESTWOOD but should be charged and ready for use by 6 pm.

Further updates will post as soon as known.



October 2016- Line Maintenance schedule

Water service will be off to perform various line maintenance. Please prepare for a full day of water being off on the dates listed below. Only customers that have received a notice in the mail, an email notice or a phone call are affected. The following streets will be out of service on the specified date:

Tuesday, October 18, 2016Beginning at 8:30 am water will be off to: Juniper North, Juniper Lane, Poplar Lane, Meadow Court, Meadow Condos, Meadow Lane, Blue Spruce, Silverhorn, Bristlecone Drive and Crestwood Drive.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016 – Beginning at 8:30 am water will be off to: Pine Dr. from Ponderosa through but not including Tower Rd. S. Ash Ct. will be included in the outage.

If you have any emergency water needs, please call our office in advance of the scheduled maintenance date. Thank you for your cooperation. Joanne (970) 240-8123.

Please refer to this website for updates and notification of restoration of service for each of these dates. Emails will also be sent when service is restored. If you need to be notified by phone please call the office to request phone notification. (970) 240-8123.



Information about lead in drinking water

Many of the water industry leaders and experts have issued statements about the recent tragedy of lead poisoning in the water of Flint Michigan homes. The official statements and general educational information is listed below.

Please refer to the Consumer Confidence Report tab on this website to see the test results for 2014 of Dallas Creek Water Company.

National Rural Water Association –NRWA Statement on Lead Contamination

American Water Works Association –AWWA CEO David LaFrance- statement

AWWA – Lead information for consumers

Environmental Protection Agency- Basic Information about Lead in Drinking Water

If you have any additional questions, please call our Water Operator, Anthony Ramsey at (970) 626-3889.