Revised Tariff Dallas Creek Water Company, Inc. May 2017

Who we are

Dallas Creek Water Company distributes treated water for domestic and commercial use to our customers on Loghill Mesa in Ridgway, Colorado. We are regulated by the Colorado Public Utilities Commission and operate under an approved Tariff effective January 1, 2007, First Revised Tariff effective November 1, 2010 and Second Revised Tariff effective May 3, 2017. Click below to view the tariff as revised.

2nd REVISED TARIFF -Effective 5-3-2017

Our Water Source

Dallas Creek Water Company is a privately owned public water utility. Our first priority is to provide safe and refreshing water to our customers. Our water source is Dallas Creek and our diversion pump station is located on County Road 24. After filtration begins in the creek side gallery, the water is pumped uphill through a booster pump midway up Loghill Mesa.  It is then delivered to the top of the mesa to a third Pump Station.  From there it is diverted either to the water treatment plant or to the Divide Golf Course irrigation ponds. Our state of the art water treatment plant is located at 220 Ponderosa Drive.

Purity and Testing

We comply with all testing required by the State of Colorado Department of Health and Environment and the Environmental Protection Agency. Our test results are published annually in the Consumer Confidence Report and distributed to all of our customers. The report is also posted on this website for review.

Information About Our Water

Dallas Creek Water is proud of our utility and eager to provide tours and answer questions about the treatment process. Education is the best asset for conservation and affordability of the most valuable resource. Please contact us to arrange a tour date.