Information about lead in drinking water

Many of the water industry leaders and experts have issued statements about the recent tragedy of lead poisoning in the water of Flint Michigan homes. The official statements and general educational information is listed below.

National Rural Water Association –  NRWA Statement on Lead Contamination

American Water Works Association –AWWA CEO David LaFrance- statement

                                                          AWWA – Lead information for consumers

Environmental Protection Agency- Basic Information about Lead in Drinking Water

If you have any additional questions, please call our Water Operator, Anthony Ramsey at (970) 626-3889.


Capacity to Serve Report

The Dallas Creek Water Utility was purchased in 1993 by Jim Willey. During the purchase process, it was necessary to determine the viability of the utility to serve the full customer base. Dallas Creek Water contracted with Gary L. Beach Environmental LLC to perform the study that would prove our capacity to serve.

In 2006, that study was updated, again using Gary L. Beach Environmental LLC, and the full report is posted here. Beach Report 12.11.2006

This report was presented and approved by the Colorado Public Utilities Commission during their audit of the utility for the purpose of granting a Certificate of Convenience and Public Necessity (CPCN), part of the process of becoming a regulated utility. The CPCN was approved September 1, 2006.

This report contains a lot of information regarding the availability of water, the security of the water and the scope of service that can be accomplished by Dallas Creek Water Company.

If you have any questions about this report, please contact Bobbi Rouse at or by phone at (970) 240-8123.